Saturday, October 22, 2005

Live-in Nanny Needed!

Ugh, I'm tired of looking on au-pair & nanny websites to find a live-in "nanny". All the agencies want $200 (or more!) just to access a resume, and there's no guarantee! So, I figured I'd use my sites to "advertise" my position.

If you are interested, email me, and we can talk. You can find my email information in my profile. Or, if you know someone, also email me their contact info.

Here's the description:

We reside in Paw Paw, IL, it is a small village of 850 people. We are on the edge of town, in a wonderful quiet setting.

We are a family that loves living in a rural area. My husband has a small business in DeKalb, and has an extremely flexible work schedule. I work at his business, so one of us is almost always around. We live in a large Victorian home that we have been restoring for the last three years. It became listed in the National Register of Historical Places this past May. The half acre yard is fenced, and the kids LOVE to play outside. We also have two English Shepherd dogs that play all day also! :)

My son is 5 at the end of the month, and he attends pre-school four days a week. He has a language delay, but had greatly improved in the last year. He is very well behaved, and very social. He's also VERY "boy" because he enjoys playing army man, pretend hunting, and the like.

My daughter is two years old, and is the direct opposite of her brother. She loves all things Disney Princess, and can be quite shy. Once she gets to know you, she is a cuddle bunny! I just started potty training her yesterday, and she did very well!

Why we want a "nanny":

We love people. We have an extra room in the house that always sits empty. Karl and I do not regularly "need" someone to watch the kids during the day, but sometimes this is needed for various reasons. We decided that it would be mutually beneficial to have a responsible person who loves children live in our home. We thought taking care of all of your living expenses, including health & car insurance in exchange for a "here and there" babysitting situation would help not only us, but someone that is looking for a place to live and also desires to have a relationship with other people. We would also provide a small salary for spending money. You could expect to “work” an average of only 5 hours a week. You would also be able to pursue a part-time job, if you wished. You would have you own room furnished with a queen bedroom set, a secure wireless internet connection, a TV/VCR/DVD/MP3 player, and access to your own personal laptop, if you do not already own one. Your room is very large, and has two equally large windows! If you do not own your own vehicle, we will provide access to one for you.

We had our first experience this past summer with an au pair from Germany. She just left this past Saturday to return to college. It was a good experience for everyone. We are open to foreign nannies, so don't be shy. We speak fluent German, and moderate Spanish.

We are a politically active family, and I volunteer for various conservative causes. This is usually what will call me out of the house. We would prefer a person that is either not interested in politics, or is conservative in nature.

Thanks! :)